Trang Nguyen, has worked in the nail industry for 19 years, starting as a nail technician in California and then shortly after that becoming a Licensed Instructor under the California State Board of Cosmetology.

He was helping in the Beauty School for the family for another 6 years, which made these schools very famous in the Vietnamese Nail Industry.

With the goal to make larger training sessions and to share with others, he moved to Orlando Florida 11 years ago and continues on the frontier of the nail industry. Florida use to be a very non competitive state within the nail industry, however 11 years ago it became one of the most competitive states, all because of the training and sharing mentality of Trang Nguyen.

In 1999, he decided to take a giant step forward into the industry, he helped develop the most Innovative Product line known as ONS or Odyssey Nail Systems. This product line originally was exported to Japan, Korea and Hong Kong and now is distributed all over the world. With unique systems and with the free giving of education it made Trang Nguyen very well known in the industry internationally and domestically.

ONS is made using only the best legal ingredients. Recently ONS Products have been used by most schools in Japan, Korea and all government funded schools in Australia.


Trang Nguyen, ONS International Master Educator, had a goal to create the most user friendly product lines possible. Trang has competed nationally and internationally and has over 120 trophies to his credit including 2 World Championships, Top of the Universe Champion, 2 Grand Master Championships, U.S. National Champion and is a former US National Number 1 ranked competitor. Trang also won national grand champion 3 times in a row in Australia and will be invited for champion competition in August this year. He also has trained numerous former and current champions. But competition is not Trang’s principlemotivation.

Trang’s focus is in creating the most success for all his students and to create the most interesting systems that will propel the industry into another level so that all technicians can make more money and therefore have more motivation in their jobs.

Odyssey Nail Systems is built on the principles of supplying superior products and first class education which will enable nail professionals to create outstanding results, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Already in the space of just four and half short years Odyssey Nail Systems can boast a plethora of extremely successful salons and nail professionals riding on the success of this exciting new product range. Students of the Odyssey Nail Education System have consistently won awards across 3 continents and the proposed expansion of the educational program in the immediate future is sure to guarantee many more successes will follow.

ONS proudly announces to the world that their products are:  MADE BY THE BEST FOR THE BEST


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